Dinner Recipes

Here is my list of all kinds of dinner recipes. From heavy slow roasted beef dishes to light vegetarian quick dishes, these recipes will make dinner the best meal of the day.

Ground Turkey Sloppy Joes

My Favorite Ways to Thicken a Sauce & Turkey Sloppy Joes with Avocado & a Fried Egg….YUM!

Posted on Sep 20th, 2013

I don't think I had my first Sloppy Joe until I was probably 25....sad. I grew up in a Asian household so typical meals for me, besides the frequent…

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Brined Roast Chicken

Roasted Chicken

Posted on Oct 6th, 2013

Before we get roasting, let's talk about brining.  Brining is probably one the best ways to make a piece of meat incredibly juicy, full of flavor…

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Chipotle Bean Burgers

Chipotle Peppers Just Smoke Dried Jalepenos?

Posted on Sep 15th, 2013

It took me years to realize that chipotles were an actual pepper that was extremely popular in Mexican cuisine and not a delicious fast food make…

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