Phyllo with Lemon Cream & Pomegrantes

Posted on Jan 23, 2014 in Fruit Desserts, Healthy Eats | 9 comments

Phyllo with Lemon Cream & Pomegrantes

OMG!! Has this year just been crazy! I can’t believe how long it has been since I’ve baked something…..going through withdrawal….must BAKE!! The last couple weeks has just been filled with work craziness and I am BEAT! Luckily, this phyllo dessert with lemon cream and pomegranates can be done way in advance and just the remedy for super long day!

Lemon Cream and Pomegranate Phyllo

When thinking about what my guest post at Best Friends for Frosting was going to be for January, I knew I wanted to do something a little lighter since we are all still recovering from Holiday food hangovers but still full of flavor and super delicious! And this was the perfect recipe! The phyllo is light and flaky and instead of brushed with butter, brushed with coconut oil. See how I try?  The lemon cream is  just a little tart but still sweet and the pomegranates add little bursts of freshness. Make sure you go to  Best Friends for Frosting for this recipe!  My favorite monthly spot!

Lemon Cream Phyllo



  1. These are beautiful!!! I love the sweet and tart combination and just how the lovely specs of red seeds make this dessert festive!!

    • Thanks Zainab!! I am in love with pomengrantes!!!

  2. yay, I’ve been missing your recipes! like Taylor above I’m going through a total pom phase right now, so this is perfect!

    • Thanks Christine!! I’ve been missing being able to bake!

  3. These look delicious- I love using filo- it’s always so much crispier and tastier! 🙂 Recipe looks right up my street!

  4. This looks really good – refreshing and light – I love it!

    • Thanks Kristi! One of my favorite when I want something a little lighter!

  5. This looks delicious! I am totally obsessed with pomegranates lately, so this is right up my alley…heading over to get the recipe!

    • Me too Taylor! I’ve pre-peeled about 3 right now so they are always readily available as a snack! I’m obsessed! Thanks for saying hi!!!

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