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Hello cookie lovers! I am Liz and I’ve had a whirlwind of experiences that ultimately led me to start this blog. It’s kind of funny because I really never considered myself a baker. It wasn’t until after college that I started dabbling in the kitchen, sparking a love for creating fun & decadent cookies that’s led me to have some of the most amazing experiences I’ve ever had. I can actually still remember my first attempt at a chocolate chip cookie, the end result almost resembled a cookie but more accurately and technically a cardboard muffin.

I first started off as a CPA working 18 hour days where baking was my only relief after long and tedious day of crunching numbers. In a very hard decision and one that involved multiple trips to Uganda, Africa, to finally convince me to take the leap, I jumped in head first to start a cookie company creating decadent and indulgent stuffed cookies. I know right?! Amazingly delicious! There was always a surprise inside!

The story of how the stuffed cookie was created went a little something like this. ” I feel like baking cookies but all I have to put in them is left over Halloween candy….hmm….I know! What if I put a candy bar inside the cookie!?” And I was hooked! Let’s face it, food is 8 times out of 10 better stuffed….one word…cream puffs, way better with cream right?! ūüôā My love of trying to figure out what else I could stuff inside a cookie was born!Liz savoring a sample

After six years and lots of hot hot days behind a 400 degree oven baking thousands and thousands of cookies, working the Farmer’s Markets and participating in almost every dessert event in and around San Diego, I decided to shut the cookie company down. It was an experience I cherish dearly and am incredibly thankful to have had. And an experience that ultimately led me to start this blog.

Life Made Sweet is more than your ordinary dessert blog. It’s a place where I can take you behind the scenes of my cookie company and hopefully impart knowledge for anyone hoping to start a food business, sharing lessons learned and experiences that greatly helped or hindered my growth. It’s also a place where I hope to help you become better cookie bakers. When I first started the Cookie Chew it was honestly an episode of Alton Brown where he explained the biggest differences in making a chewy, soft & crispy cookie that was the biggest help in creating all my cookie recipes. Once you know that brown sugar makes cookies chewier and white sugar makes them crispier, or shortening spreads less than butter, you can create cookies to your perfect texture & taste consistently. Personally, I truly only like chewy cookies unless they are being dunked in coffee or milk which I will mention many times in my posts, you have been warned. And finally, for all those that have asked, I will finally share all the Cookie Chew stuffed cookie recipes and other unique cookie recipes so you can be the most popular person at your next dinner party. I am so excited to continue my adventure in trying to determine what else I can stuff inside a cookie and so happy you have decided to join me!

Things few know about me:

1.) I am a freakishly amazing parralel parker

2.) Spellcheck has saved my life many many many times

3.) I have shamelessly eaten a whole box of oreos in one sitting…..in my defense it was an all nighter

4.) I have never been stung by a bee and have a secret fear that I am deathly allergic and that is what my ultimate destiny will be

5.) I rap TuPac when I’m home alone

Please feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions about baking or blogging or if you wanna bust out some old school jams. I am here to help and love connecting with others that are as passionate about food as I am.  The easiest way is via email at liz@lifemadesweet.com or via our contact form.

This blog is focused on helping home bakers learn the whys and hows of baking delicious and amazing cookies. We always try to show step by step tutorials to help our readers understand the science and the art behind baking cookies. We try to draw out the creativity innate in all of us by combining unique and exciting new cookie flavors. Wanna work with me? Please visit our contact page.


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